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Eight seconds.

That's how long you have to engage people. Same as goldfish.

NimbleStrategies tackles marketing for goldfish attention spans.

How? By making sure that every interaction with your target audience is relevant, differentiating and compelling.


We do that by bringing you...

  • Strategic focus to set—or reset—your marketing direction. Working hand-in-hand with you, we dive into the myriad of issues separating your company from its potential by using human-centered design and data analytics. We connect the dots to forge entirely new patterns to propel your company ahead.

  • Applied empathy to get into the minds and hearts of your customers (and competitors), and then share those insights in meaningful, practical ways.

  • A bias toward simplifying and action. While we are fully cognizant of the complexities of today's world, we aim to simplify and make sure that strategies can be made real. Without delay. From helping you rationalize your data flow architecture and martech stack to modernizing how your team is organized, we are forward-thinking-but-pragmatic problem solvers.


Our secret sauce. We fuse together...

  • the creativity of the best marketing agencies 

  • the analytical rigor of leading strategy consultants 

  • real-world, common-sense-driven perspective gleaned from hands-on experience at companies like yours.

And all without the slowness, bureaucracy and expensive overhead you likely have encountered with others.


We're nimble so you can be agile.

Your satisfaction is paramount. Pay for what you love. Our guarantee.

We are confident enough in our work to offer something very few—if any—marketing firms offer. Namely, an unconditional guarantee on all labor costs. If you dislike our work, you don't pay. If you find it merely acceptable, you don't pay. You only pay if you love what we do for you.

What kind of company benefits from Nimble Strategies?

If you are an aggressive company determined to win, we should talk because we bring a rigorous and intensely collaborative approach to forging marketing strategies, communications and customer experiences that help you attract and retain profitable customers.

To be honest, it is not an easy process. It's not for the fainthearted. But it's necessary to win in this turbulent world.


The value we deliver

Marketing Strategy

Working with you, we forge kick-ass strategies to engage prospects and customers at all stages of the lifecycle to maximize customer lifetime value. Think growth marketing on steroids.

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Digital Transformation

The promise of digital transformation sounds great, but research consistently points out most initiatives fail because what looks good in PowerPoint inadequately addresses the human dimension. Good news—it can be done smartly and successfully. Hence Rapid Rethink, Rapid Revamp.TM

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Customer Understanding

While there are many ways to uncover insights about your target audiences, competitors and the changes taking place, making those insights actionable is where most struggle.

We've developed battle-tested ways to surface and disseminate insights so that they are tangibly helpful.

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Brand Development

In today's experience economy, crafting each customer touchpoint is critical, but those engagements need to be more than utilitarian in nature to gain competitive advantage. They need to be emotive, so positioning is essential. That's why we take a unique approach to helping companies become Customer-Craving Brands.TM

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Marketing and CX Services

Gaining and sustaining competitive advance requires each interaction, each touch point, needs to be carefully orchestrated.

That means integrating customer experience (CX) with marketing. We help companies unify marketing with customer experience to stimulate growth and maximize customer lifetime value with Cohesive Customer Engagement.

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

For B2B companies, account-based marketing sounds like nirvana—personalized engagements for the individual in context of the customer account, seamless synchronization between marketing, sales and customer support.


But getting to that nirvana isn't easy. Nimble Strategies brings hands-on experience realizing the potential of scalable ABM.

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About Nimble Strategies

Our approach

We bring flexible, real-world tested approaches to uncovering the blockers that hold companies back from reaching their potential and coming up with fast and high-impact ways to engage prospects and customers.

The team

Nimble Strategies brings together purpose-composed teams to solve thorny problems to generate stronger business results. We also have partnered with vetted freelancers and specialist firms in the Americas, Europe and Asia to provide in-depth expertise and global reach.

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