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Integrated marketing strategy
Integrated marketing strategy

Working with you, we forge kick-ass strategies to engage prospects and customers at all stages of the lifecycle to maximize customer lifetime value.

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Digital transformation

The onslaught of Covid-19 is catalyzing digital transformation. But it needs to be done smartly. Hence Rapid Rethink, Rapid Redo.TM

Brand strategy
Brand development

Perception is reality, and perception is heavily influenced by the most recent encounter someone has with a brand. 

As a result, crafting each customer touchpoint is critical in forging a brand, but those engagements need to be more than utilitarian in nature to gain competitive advantage. That's why we take a rigorous approach to helping companies create or refine their brands to become Customer-craving Brands.TM


Customer insights
Customer understanding

While there are many ways to uncover insights about your target audiences, your competitors and the changes taking place in your marketplace, making those insights actionable is where most struggle.

We've developed battle-tested approaches to conducting and synthesizing research and data to surface insights and then disseminate those findings in ways that you and your marketing team can actually apply.

Account-based marketing (ABM)

For B2B companies, account-based marketing sounds like nirvana—personalized engagements for the individual in context of the customer account, seamless synchronization between marketing, sales and customer support.

But getting to that nirvana isn't easy. Nimble Strategies brings hands-on experience realizing the potential of scalable ABM.

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We bring flexible, real-world tested approaches to uncovering the blockers that hold companies back from reaching their potential and coming up with fast and high-impact ways to engage prospects and customers.

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