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Team work

Our approach

What you can expect if you engage us

How we deliver

All agencies can pontificate about their proprietary methodologies and modalities.

When you engage NimbleStrategies, we draw on a hybrid of methodologies employed by some of the leading brand positioning and strategic consulting firms in the US and UK, and then overlay those approaches with what we’ve found works and doesn’t work in the real world to determine how you are honestly perceived and where you should focus.

We begin by digging deep into your company to quickly understand your vision, your competitors, your market position, and then we delve into your customers’ motivations, emotions, cultural drivers and more. What surfaces is strategy or work that solves for the tension between how you are perceived relative to how you want to be perceived. It’s what we call Magnified EmpathyTM.

Our approach to strategic marketing avoids being overly theoretical; it doesn’t require years of incremental implementation to see evidence of change. Instead, we look to find ways to generate results right away and then build on those results over time so that you emerge as the market leader.

But an agency’s methodology is only part of the equation as to whether or not you’ll gain benefit from engaging that agency. It’s even more important to learn is how an agency will interact with you.

Here is our word about our word:

  • When we give our word, we will keep it.

  • When we say we can help, we will.

  • When we say we will do something, we will.

That is not to say that we are infallible. We have made mistakes and have stumbled, but we learn from those errors so they won’t be repeated at your expense.

We’re smart, but we’re also humble.

That’s why we listen, listen and listen some more.

Otherwise, we’ll never gain the insight that will generate the ideas that will make you a winner. 

Ultimately, our goal is simple: We don’t aim to give you what you want; we aim to give you what you never dreamed possible.

And we aim to deliver it with a smile.

Some frank talk about talk

You’ll find that we don’t mince words. We’ll talk about what your company is doing well and where damaging mistakes are happening.

We value and speak to you with a degree of candor and rigor that is atypical in the professional services industry. Companies engage us to improve their businesses rather than to make them feel comfortable.

Our honesty is not harsh, though, because all of our conversations with you are based on respect for what you want to accomplish and a commitment to helping you achieve your goals.

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