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Digital transformation and digital marketing services

Winning in the never-normal Covid-19 world
Covid has disrupted how we do business, where we do business, and even what businesses we are in. Companies are needing to figure out how to move from their initial Covid crisis responses to quickly coming up with new, sustainable ways of nimble working that fully take advantage of the possibilities of digital while avoiding the downsides and hyperbole that often accompanies the promise of digital transformation.

Rapid rethink. Rapid revamp.TM 

We offer a unique approach to help you rethink marketing, sales and customer care. In two weeks, we will assess your vulnerabilities and strengths, and then collaboratively develop a concrete plan and roadmap for what to do to change,

We will tackle issues, such as:

  • How do you convert your physical events into online events that are truly compelling? 

  • How do salespeople sell when they can't make in-person calls?

  • How do you take advantage of conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence to provide meaningful consultative selling that meets customers where they are?

  • How do you adjust your digital marketing for "the end of cookies?"

  • How do you help your teams collaborate more when people are working remotely? 

  • How do you get more value out of your martech stack and plan for what's next?

  • How do you better determine what to do in-house vs. outsource?


Having consulted to Fortune 500 companies as well as startups on their transformations, the team at Nimble Strategies is deeply versed in the multiple aspects of digital transformation, but we also bring a unique perspective of having been at companies like yours so we make sure what we propose is pragmatic and fully cognizant of your constraints while also being courageous enough to recommend dramatically new ways of doing things.  

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