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Blake Park


As the head of a virtual agency based in San Francisco, I tap a global network of specialists to bring exactly what is needed to solve a particular business challenge. Because I've worked with these specialists in the past, you gain a team with "chemistry" and common values about creating top-notch work.

Those specialists include experts in fields such as graphic design, video, paid and organic search, website development, heavy-duty data analysis and modeling, social media outreach, media relations, and more. They've worked for leading agencies and firms, such as Razorfish, WundermanThompson, Accenture, Infosys, and others.

Because any project with Nimble Strategies will involve me, you might want to know a bit more about me before we meet. Here's an admittedly biased bio...

In short, I'm a thinker and a doer. I lean in. A lot.

I'm a seasoned entrepreneurial marketer who combines street smarts with book smarts, an ambidextrous—right and left-brain—thinker with extensive experience integrating digital vehicles, such as social and mobile, on a global scale to generate business results and build brands. Relevant experience includes:

  • Developing digital transformation strategies to advance the marketing of four of the five largest technology companies, a leading bank, two global mobile carriers, and a national retailer.

  • Overseeing marketing strategy for several Sapient Razorfish clients, including an overhaul of Charles Schwab's website, reimagining the customer experience for Whirlpool, forging a new app for a regional grocery chain, and developing a new customer engagement platform for Sherwin-Williams industrial product lines.

  • Leading global strategy and planning at WundermanThompson on the Microsoft account for five-and-a-half years, developing numerous campaigns and programs that integrated digital marketing vehicles, such as social media, micro sites, mobile marketing and email, with advertising and PR to advance a variety of Microsoft’s B2B and consumer-focused offerings.

  • Serving as VP of online marketing at Getty Images, overseeing the $1-billion company’s paid media planning and buying on a global basis, including print advertising, online contextual and behavioral targeting as well as retargeting and affiliate marketing.

  • Developing AT&T Wireless’s first customer lifecycle program for consumer data services, such as text messaging.

  • Setting up marketing for two internet start-ups, gaining national media exposure in publications such as the Wall Street Journal.

  • Overseeing marketing at USC’s business school, developing a strategic repositioning of the school, launching a magazine and developing marketing programs that increased European MBA applications more than 10-fold.

Industry experience includes B2B and consumer technology, wireless telecom, industrial and durable goods, entertainment, brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce, higher ed, and travel.


Formal education includes an undergraduate degree from Yale and an MBA in entrepreneurship and marketing from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.


From all of those experiences, I’ve learned to be increasingly adept at empathy—of being able to get into the hearts and minds of target audiences to develop compelling messages. That is at the heart of what has made me a smart marketer.


Plus, contrary to what the boastful description above would suggest, I approach work, colleagues and clients with humility and a collaborative spirit. Think West Coast optimism with East Coast work ethic and Midwestern straightforwardness, plus an acuity for global cultural nuance honed since arriving at Yale as a college freshman from a Wyoming ranch.


I look forward to meeting you.


Evelyn Kim

Marketing and Agency New Business Strategist

Phil Olson

Strategist, Data Analytics

Every dataset is filled with patterns and relationships that form a story that needs to be told. I thrive when turning numbers into marketing strategies.

I seek to understand the “why’ behind the data and use that information to build compelling customer experiences that drive engagement.  

I believe that good analysis should provoke additional questions, and the best outcomes derive from co-creation and collaboration.

Much of my expertise has been honed developing digital channels to drive customer acquisition, revenue growth and retention, as I have done for companies such as AT&T, Microsoft and T-Mobile.


I also bring extensive experience developing marketing strategy and analyzing a broad range of marketing data to derive insight. I am especially interested in looking at end-to-end marketing funnel analysis to identify optimization opportunities. One of my Microsoft clients realized a 117% increase in page views from my analysis and recommendations.


Measuring the impact of a campaign and reporting key findings to stakeholders has been an essential part of my career. I believe that the ultimate way to understand the impact of a campaign is through testing scenarios that demonstrate a result is more than a chance outcome. I am  highly skilled at campaign testing strategy and implementation.


I have exceptional relationship-building skills, and I am an articulate and effective communicator.

I grew up in Minnesota and went to the University of Wisconsin - Madison for my undergraduate studies in Political Science and for my MBA. 

Michael Weston

Blake Park
Evelyn Kim
Phil Olson
Michael Westo
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